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Butthurt Over Debut

I haven't posted anything since the Russians took over Livejournal but I'm just so dissapointed by the recent debut announcement that I need a safe environment to express myself.

I was waiting, hoping and praying for a debut announcement in 2018. But when it finally came, it wasn't the news that I wanted to hear. Not because I don't like the boys in King&Prince or think that they're less deserving than any other junior groups, but I just feel stupid for being optimistic. I want my favourite juniors to succeed. I want them to debut. I want them to have releases for me to enjoy. This announcement will not lead to any of those three things.

I'm too tired to speculate what this might mean for the numerous junior groups who've sat on the backburner, watching these debuts happen, wondering when and if it will be their turn. I don't think J&A has made any mistakes in the artists that they've debuted. To a greater or lesser degree, they've all got a significant fanbase and sales figures to be proud of. But then again, how can they not when they have the financial and reputational support of a entertainment giant like J&A behind them.

A Love-tune debut was always going to be a wildcard. From the level of pure butthurt-ness, I don't think I'll be able to get excited over this long awaited new debut and the group's future activities.

Now and Then

Seeing Myuto's scan from this month's Wink Up reminded me of an old Potato photoshoot from 2007. From cute to handsome, Myuto has had quite the growth spurt transformation over the years and seeing the comparison below just bought back all sorts of memories for me of Myuto's early years as a junior.

It's Myuto's 12th year in JE. I don't think I've ever commited myself (yet) to anything for as long as he has to the Jimusho. I hope it's all worth it in the end and his able to achieve his dreams, or at the very least he'll be satisfied with the journey his took to get to where he has.

Easter egg: The subject of this post, Now and Then, is the title of one of my favourite childhood movies which was released in October 1995, the same month that Myuto was born.

Project Taro

So I haven't posted anything in a while, mostly due to a lack of motivation, but I think I finally found something worth putting in the effort to write about. Project Taro.

I first came across the group back in 2014, during the peak of my Generations from Exile Tribe mania, when Exile and Avex Group decided to team up and recruit young vocal and dance talents. The name of the project was called Global Japan Challenge and the members who successfully passed the audition would be flown to New York where they would study english, dancing, singing and hiphop culture for 3 and a half years with the aim to become artists who can oneday go global.

In 2014 while looking up Generations videos on youtube, I happened to come across an episode of Shuukan Exile which covered the audution process and announcement of the Global Japan Challenge winners. I remember thinking at the time what an incredible idea this was but I never followed their journey due to the lack of information available and their lack of activity when they first started out. Last week, out of the blue, I decided to look them up and was pleasently surprised by how they all had active twitter and instagram accounts. But even so, there were still very little information I could find about them in english. This is the reason for this post. To write a summary of everything I've learnt about them in the past week on this journal for future fans to find without having to troll through tens of websites and try to make logical interpretations from google translate.
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Back row from left: Masafumi, Yuto, Ryoto, Kazuki, Kanna
Front row from left: Masahiro, Shoji, Ayumu, Kenya, Miku, Rikiya, Taiki
Absent: Kaito, Shin

Eight is the new Five

Warning: this is a post about my biased hopespredictions for next year's volleyball debut. Turn away now if you don't want to read about every probable scenario that I've dreamt up to include Myuto as part of the debut. Then again, you must have some love for him if you're on my journal so please hold off closing this page or opening a new tab. I also welcome you to weigh in on what your thoughts are on the subject.

Some fans dread this quadrennial traditional that JE has with putting together a group of strategically random boys, most of which with limited experience as a junior, and then sending them off into the scary entertainment industry. Some fans are more than ready to see a new group emerge from the junior bucket of lanky boys with swoopy hair and to bask in the excitement of possibly seeing their fav as one of the lucky few. But without a doubt, for or against this tradition, fans alike all have some sort of expectation for what will happen that year. Will there even be a debut? How many members? How big of an age gap? Are they going to go for an even younger average age? Will my fav quit if he doesn't make this debut? Is my fav too old to make the cut? etc etc All very understandable questions to come from a junior fan. All is which I'll attempt to address in this post.
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TV Debut

Everytime I haven't updated my journal for a while, I always debate wheather I should just stop for good. But like a drug, here I am reassuring the interest crowd that I'm a live and well and still guiltily indulging in the Japanese pop culture.

There's a few things on my mind about everythings that's happened in the JE-sphere in these past months but they're still the same rinse-and-repeat complaints about 3-nin Sexy Zone and gratefulness that Myuto hasn't been given the boot 3 months on from the scandal so I can stop holding my breath. What forced me to break my silence was my other special dancer's reappearance on tv after his departure from Johnny's:Igarashi TaikiCollapse )

It all adds up

"I want to be misled by an older woman" - Morita Myuto (15)

Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but I just suddenly remembered this interview I've read that is all of the sudden totally appropriate given recent events. It's from the November 2010 issue of Potato where Myuto and some other juniors had to talk about the subject "Dangerous Zone". In the interview Myuto mentions some pretty innocent things as well as more on his adorable friendship with Taiga, but what shocked me was when he started to describe the type of girl/woman he would be attracted to.
Potat0 1011

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You've gone and done it now

First reaction: "Goes to check that Matsui Jurina hasn't announced her graduation - she hasn't"
Second reaction: "Oh good, not everything that I love about my Japanese fandom is being ripped away from me this week"

[Johnny's Jr Morita Myuto impregnates girl, girl gets abortion]

Honestly, I wasn't shocked or surprised or angry when I saw this headline on Aramajapan.com. I just couldn't even feel any emotion. All I could muster was a dry laugh because this is absolutely ridiculous. With the photo, tape recording, letter and magazine interview, out of all the Johnny's Jr scandals that I've read over the years this has got to be the cherry on the goddamn frickin' Shuukan Bunshu cake. And it's about Myuto.
I never thought in a million years ...Collapse )

At Last!


4 Episodes, countless shirtless ABC-Z scenes and a cross-dressing Kawai later we finally get a preview of Myuto in Mahou Danshi Cherry's! His voice was so soft in this scene. For those who aren't following the show (or are skipping most of it like me because they don't really get the story) be sure to watch episode 5 next week for Myuto! ^^

Mystery Boy


In this new golden era, there are more juniors that I can't name than there are ones that I can. That being said, there are very few that I don't recognise at all or find vaguely familiar. The above picture was from the latest Gamushara J's Party of the boy standing on the balcony with Takahashi Fuu and Okamoto Kauan during the groups performance of Everybody Go. It was during the performance where Myuto was getting a million close-ups and all I could think besides how gorgeous Myuto looked in that moment was who the hell are you? He has to be a junior to be standing there. His so pretty, like a male version of Nishino Nanase lol

This is my cry for help to you lj fandom. Do you know who he is?

[Clues Clues Clues!!]
So ...after much effort (by the lovely yoshiko_mama) a piece of evidence has been found to identify the suspect boy in question!
In an insert of Gamushara J's party vol.4, the magazine identified the mystery boy to be Negishi Aomi who is currently starring in Shark 2 as the drummer of BTS. Now, I still have my doubts because the difference between the hairstyle, body shape and some features in the face but mostly because I hope it isn't him since I'll be severely disappointed by that outcome lol No offense to Aomi or his fans but, yeah ...


Words are Unnnecessary

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For me however, the below picture only says a single acronym which gets repeated 999 times. OMG!
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